Q: How to loop a song on SoundCloud:

You can listen to any of your tracks on repeat. To set the track on repeat, you have to follow some

First, you have to go to the player at the bottom of your screen and click on the arrow icon. When
The icon gets orange; it means the song is now on repeat. The song will repeat until you uncheck the icon.
You can also do it in a simple way. You can also press SHIFT+L on your computers keyboard to turn the repeat
button on. You can read this blog for further information.

If you are on the Android app, you can repeat tracks and playlists via the Next Up feature.


Looping a song on SoundCloud is an easy way to repeat your favorite tune. Just click the “Repeat”
button, and the magic happens—your song plays over and over again. It’s like having your personal
concert on repeat! Enjoy the music loop!


Q: How do I loop a song on SoundCloud?
Click the “Repeat” button located next to the play controls beneath the track on SoundCloud

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can loop a song on SoundCloud?
No, you can loop a song on SoundCloud as many times as you like. The “Repeat” button allows for
unlimited looping.

Q: Can I loop a specific part of a song on SoundCloud?
Currently, SoundCloud’s looping feature applies to the entire track, and there isn’t a specific option
to loop a particular section.

Q: Can I loop songs on the SoundCloud mobile app?
Yes, you can loop songs on the SoundCloud mobile app. Look for the “Repeat” option in the player

Q: Does SoundCloud’s mobile app offer additional looping options?
The SoundCloud mobile app offers the “Repeat” feature, allowing you to loop songs similar to the
web version. Here, you can read all the blogs.

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