Q: How to get paid on SoundCloud:

Next Pro and Next Plus subscribers to SoundCloud will be paid under the fan-powered royalties model:
You will receive your payment via the payment method that you have selected on SoundCloud.
Artist dashboard. Your balance will be updated at the end of each month. Your payments will auto
deposit when you earn more than $5 on SoundCloud. Additionally, we are net 60, so payments are
two months delayed. The reason of this is that it usually takes more than 30 to 45 days to pay you in a given
period of time spent earning.

For more details to see your earning, Open SoundCloud on web or with app and then go to your
SoundCloud account and then select the Artist dashboard. Here under the ‘Earnings’ tabs you can see all
the generated royalties.

You can also update your payout method.
For changing your payout information. You have to go on your SoundCloud account and then go on the
‘Payout’ tab. Here, you will be able to add your payout information.

What do I need to get paid on SoundCloud:
Once you’ve monetized your music directly on SoundCloud or have distributed a release through
SoundCloud for Artists, you will start generating earnings based on uploading streams. To get set up
once your earnings exceed $5 and we’re ready to pay you out:

1: Go to the Earnings section of your SoundCloud for Artists account.

2: Click the Payouts option.

3: Click +Add Payout Method and select Bank Transfer or PayPal.

4: Enter your information as an individual, or as a business if you file taxes that way.

5: Select your payout method.

6: Once you’ve entered your payout method details, click to Submit a Tax Form.

7: Enter all required information and proceed through the prompts to complete your tax form.

8: Choose whether you’d like to receive your end-of-year tax form via E-Delivery or Postal Mail
You can return to this at any time if you need to edit your tax form or update your payout method.
SoundCloud. You can read this blog for further information.


Getting paid on SoundCloud is a rewarding process that involves joining the SoundCloud paid
programs. Getting paid means your earnings are started with SoundCloud. You can start earning
through tracks. Here, you can read all the blogs.


Q: How can I get paid on SoundCloud?
To get paid on SoundCloud, join the SoundCloud Premier program, meet eligibility criteria, and
monetize your music.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the SoundCloud Premier program?
Eligibility includes having original content, owning all the rights to your music, and meeting certain
streaming and country availability requirements.

Q: Can I get paid for any type of content on SoundCloud?
To be eligible for the SoundCloud Premier program, your content must be original and adhere to
copyright policies. Covers and remixes might not be eligible.

Q: How do I apply for the SoundCloud Premier program?
If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll be notified by SoundCloud, and you can apply for the
Premier program through your SoundCloud account.

Q: How often does SoundCloud pay artists?
SoundCloud typically pays artists monthly, but the exact payment schedule can vary. Check
SoundCloud’s payment terms for the most accurate information.

Q: Can I monetize my existing tracks on SoundCloud?
Yes, once accepted into the Premier program, you can monetize both existing and future tracks that
meet the eligibility criteria.

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