How to play SoundCloud on Alexa:

Alexa is the virtual AI assistant. It has become a part of millions of homes. It is allowing us to control
various devices and services with only our voice commands.
Alexa has many features, including listening to the news and sports highlights. You can use it as a
Bluetooth speaker, and receiving weather updates. However, the most frequent use of Alexa is for
individuals to listen to their favorite tracks and tunes.

Let’s learn how to play SoundCloud tracks with Alexa:
You can also play with all services using Alexa. Alexa mentions that it is compatible with all streaming
devices. But it is not directly.

SoundCloud cannot be played with Alexa. We can do it directly. But there is also a way to connect
SoundCloud on Alexa.
The only way to connect SoundCloud to Alexa is through Bluetooth. We can connect
SoundCloud is using Bluetooth. But it is not possible to tell Alexa to “play music from SoundCloud.” That’s
not going to work anyway.
The reason behind this is that SoundCloud is not integrated with Alexa.
In some cases, you can connect your SoundCloud account to Alexa. You can read this blog for further information.

Alexa only much compatible with some devices. Some examples of Alexa-compatible music services
include Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.


Playing SoundCloud on Alexa is simple and easy. It adds a musical touch to your day. By linking your
SoundCloud account through the Alexa app, you can simply ask Alexa to play your favorite music or
playlists. It’s like having your personalized music at your voice command. Here, you can read all the blogs.


Q: Can I play SoundCloud on Alexa?
A: Yes, you can play SoundCloud on Alexa by linking your SoundCloud account through the Alexa app.

Q: How do I link SoundCloud to Alexa?
A: Open the Alexa app, go to Settings > Music > Link New Service, select SoundCloud, and log in to your
SoundCloud account.

Q: Do I need a premium SoundCloud account to play it on Alexa?
A: No, both free and premium SoundCloud users can play their music on Alexa.

Q: Can I play SoundCloud on all Alexa devices?
A: Yes, you can play SoundCloud on all Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo speakers and Echo Show

Q: Can I use multiple SoundCloud accounts with Alexa?
A: Alexa typically supports one SoundCloud account at a time. If you want to switch accounts, you may
need to relink them through the Alexa app.

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