How to make SoundCloud private:

If you want to keep your SoundCloud private,. SoundCloud also provides a user privacy service. You
also have access to do SoundCloud tracks in private.

When you upload a track publicly, or repost a track or playlist on SoundCloud, the track(s) will display on
your SoundCloud profile and in your Feed, as well as at the top of your followers’ Feeds. That means
that anyone can listen to, like, or repost your SoundCloud post. The uploaded track will only be pushed to
the top of your followers’ feeds the first time it is reposted or becomes public.

You can get the link for your track by clicking the ‘Share’ button below its waveform.
Private sharing is exclusive on SoundCloud, giving you full control over who has access to your tracks and
who doesn’t. Private tracks won’t show up on your public profile in SoundCloud and can’t be searched
for within SoundCloud.

For pro users of SoundCloud:

Next Pro users of SoundCloud also have the option to share a song as a scheduled release. Scheduled
tracks remain private until the date which you have specified in its settings, after which it will go public
to your SoundCloud account. This feature is only available for individual tracks and does not work with
playlists. You can read this blog for further information.

You can change the privacy settings of your track or playlist at any time in your SoundCloud account. To
To change this, click on the pen icon below the waveform to edit in your SoundCloud account. From here,
Click on the bubble next to the words ‘private’, ‘public’, or’scheduled’ and click the save button. The first
When you change your track from private to public, it will be pushed to the Feed for everyone to
listen to. This is also true for any scheduled tracks. Here, you can read all the blogs.


Making your SoundCloud private is a straightforward process. Go to your track settings, find the privacy
options, and set it to “Private.” Your track is now visible only to you and won’t be accessible to others.
Keep your tunes personal or share them selectively.


Q:How do I make my tracks private on SoundCloud?
Go to your track settings, find the privacy options, and set it to “Private.”

Q: Can I make multiple tracks private at once on SoundCloud?
Yes, you can make multiple tracks private simultaneously by adjusting the privacy settings for each

Q: Will making a track private on SoundCloud hide it from my followers?
Yes, making a track private hide it from everyone except you. Your followers won’t be able to see or
access private tracks.

Q: Can I make a track private on SoundCloud from the mobile app?
Yes, you can make a track private using the SoundCloud mobile app. Navigate to the track, find the
privacy settings, and set it to “Private.”

Q: Is there a limit to how many tracks I can make private on SoundCloud?
As of my last update, SoundCloud doesn’t typically impose a specific limit on the number of private
tracks you can have.

Q: Can I make a track private on SoundCloud after it’s been published?
Yes, you can make a track private on SoundCloud at any time, even after it has been published.
Adjust the privacy settings accordingly.

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