How to change SoundCloud username:

In SoundCloud, your profile username is one and only thing where you can search by other people. So,
that why you have created your username and profile URL correct and clear.

So, let’s learn how you can change your username:

You can change your username by visiting your profile page on SoundCloud via on the web browser
on your computer. After opening your SoundCloud profile page click the edit button that is under to
your profile.
You can also change your SoundCloud profile username via on Mobile. But you cannot change your
profile URL with mobile. This can only be changed by desktop devices.

You can choose your username that you want to display to other people. Be sure to display it as you
would anywhere else, and feel free to include spaces and capital letters.
You can also add your first name and last name if you wish to do that. You can read this blog for further information.


Changing your SoundCloud username is a direct process that allow user to personalize their online
identity easily. SoundCloud profile usernames is the only way where you can search by other people.
You need to optimize your SoundCloud profile. So, you can search by other people easily. Here, you can read all the blogs.


Q: How can I change my SoundCloud username?
Log into your SoundCloud account, go on the profile page click on the “Edit” button. Then select
“Profile”. Here’s you can change your name.

Q: How often can I change SoundCloud username?
You can change your SoundCloud username up to two times. Its essential to choose the best name to
your SoundCloud profile.

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